Activate your SIM

Find out if you need to activate your SIM

When you'll need to activate a SIM

As a rule, if you're already a Talkmobile customer and you get a new SIM, you'll need to activate it. This is so there's a seamless transition from your old SIM to the new one and you can keep using your phone without a break.

Times you'll need to activate your SIM:

  • When you upgrade your phone with us and you've got a new SIM
  • Replacing a SIM that's been lost, stolen or damaged

When you won't need to activate a SIM

Generally speaking if you're new to Talkmobile you won't need to activate your new SIM. The exception to this is if you're already a Talkmobile customer but are getting an additional phone.

Times you won't need to activate:

  • Starting a Talkmobile contract for the first time
  • Starting an additional Talkmobile contract
  • Starting Talkmobile Pay As You Go
How to activate your SIM

Once you’ve inserted your SIM, contact our Help Team online over Webchat, or call us on 0333 304 8064 from another phone (charges apply) to request activation. We’ll need your ICCID code, which is a number printed on the back of your SIM pack, and also on your SIM card.

If you're having trouble putting your new SIM in your phone, take a look at our Help section, Introducing your SIM.

When we’ve got your ICCID code, we’ll activate your SIM for you. Activation can take up to 24 hours, but usually takes just a couple of hours.

You'll know your SIM's been successfully activated once you're able to see Talkmobile signal on your phone. You'll then be able to make and receive calls and texts and will be ready to go with your new phone.

What happens after your SIM's been activated

Once your SIM's activated, first you’ll see the Talkmobile logo on your phone’s screen, then network bars indicating that you have signal.

You’ll also receive messages from Talkmobile to let you know your settings are being downloaded to your phone. This is a normal process as your phone didn’t come pre-loaded with settings.

If your settings don't arrive automatically, you can get them in our Help section, Get settings.