After upgrading

Your first bill after upgrading

The first bill you receive after upgrading may be higher than you expected.

That’s because it includes:

  • A refund for the remainder of the old line rental
  • Part-month charge for the new line rental
  • A charge for a full month’s line rental in advance (for next month)

This may sound confusing, but this happens because your upgrade start-date usually falls part-way through the month.

Your new bill will include the final charges for your old price plan up to the date that you upgrade. It will also show details of your new price plan, from your upgrade date until the end of the month. But don’t worry, your bills after this first bill will only detail one month’s charges.

What if I don't understand my upgrade bill?

If you're struggling to understand your bill, take a look at our Help section on understanding your bill, or contact our Help Team and they'll help with any questions you have.

If you need to change a SIM when you upgrade

Depending on what phone you’ve upgraded to, you might need to change your SIM. This is because your new phone might need a different size SIM card, especially if you’ve upgraded to an iPhone.

If you do swap your SIM at upgrade you’ll need to make sure you contact us so that we can activate your new SIM. This way you can start using your new phone as soon as possible.

To get your new SIM activated, contact us by phone or WebChat. Once your SIM's been activated, you’ll need to restart your new phone by turning it off and on again. Please note, that you won't be able to make any calls from your Talkmobile phone until your SIM has been activated.

You can continue to use your old phone as normal until we’ve swapped your SIM to your new device. Your new SIM should be activated within 24 hours.

You’ll know as soon as your SIM has swapped successfully, as you will no longer be able to make calls or send texts with your old phone, but your new phone should be all ready to go.

Getting started with your new phone

Once you’ve got your new phone and it’s up and running, you may want to make sure you're phone has Talkmobile settings to make sure it's up and running smoothly.

If you’re having difficulty using your new phone, have a look at our troubleshooting pages.