How we use credit checks

What is a credit check

A credit check is the best way that we can confirm your identity and financial history before you become a contract customer with us.

It requires you to give us some information that we can use to check you're credit-worthy, usually by going through a 3rd party credit agency who specialises in credit checks, such as Experian.

How a credit check works

We use a credit agency to do your credit check. Using information including your name, address, date of birth and bank details, they research electoral rolls and some court records (they’ll check for bankruptcies but not criminal convictions). They also check your bank and credit history.

Once the credit agency have completed their checks, we'll either accept or turn down your application to become a Talkmobile contract customer based on your credit score or other criteria, such as bankruptcy. Your credit record might also affect which phone contract we're able to offer you.

What to do if your credit application is rejected

If your credit score hasn’t been accepted for a contract, or you’d rather not complete a credit check, unfortunately we won't be able to offer you a contract deal.

It usually takes around 3 months to start to improve your credit score - take a look at our tips below. Once your score's improved, get in touch again and we'll run another check to see if you're eligible for a contract.

How to improve your credit score

If you don't pass your credit check, don’t worry. There are many ways to improve your credit rating. Start by getting a copy of your credit report so you can find out what's affecting your score.

How do I get my credit report?

You can get your credit report from any credit agency, but if you’d like to use Equifax or Experian (the credit agencies we use), we’ve provided their details for you below. If you think there’s anything wrong or unfair in your report you can contact the credit agency to appeal.

If you think we've rejected your contract application unfairly, you can also appeal to us. Just write to us with the reasons for your appeal, enclosing your credit report, and we'll get back to you with a decision as soon as we can.

How do I improve my credit score?

In the meantime, doing the following will help improve your score:

  • Cancel any unused credit cards
  • Make sure you’re on the electoral register
  • Don't apply for any more credit until your score has improved

Many websites also offer advice on improving your credit score. We recommend the Money and Advice Service website, which is both free and independent.

Contact one of our credit agencies

Here’s how you can contact Equifax to get your credit report or make an appeal:

  • Visit the Equifax website
  • Call Equifax on 0843 479 9891
  • Write to Equifax using the following address:
  • Equifax Credit File Advice Centre
  • PO Box 1140
  • Bradford,
  • BD1 5US

Here’s how you can contact Experian to get your credit report or make an appeal:

  • Visit the Experian website
  • Call Experian on 0344 481 0800
  • Write to Experian using the following address:
  • Experian
  • The Sir John Peace Building
  • Experian Way
  • NG2 Business Park
  • Nottingham
  • NG80 1ZZ
  • United Kingdom