Your first bill after upgrading

What's included in your first bill after upgrading

The first bill you receive after upgrading will look slightly different to your normal bills. It may also be higher than you expected.

That’s because it includes:

  • A refund for the remainder of your old line rental
  • A charge for your new line rental for the remainder of this month
  • A charge in advance for a full month’s line rental (for next month)

This may sound confusing, but this happens because your upgrade start-date usually falls part-way through the month.

Your new bill will show the final charges for your old price plan up to the date that you upgrade. It will also show details of your new price plan, from your upgrade date until the end of the month. But don’t worry, your bills after this first bill will only detail one month’s charges.

What if I don't understand my upgrade bill?

If you're struggling to understand your bill, take a look at our Help section on understanding your allowance and bill, or contact our Help Team and they'll help with any questions you have.