Set up voicemail

Set up a voicemail PIN

To set up your voicemail PIN for the first time, just call 121 from your Talkmobile phone.

Choose option 4 and then option 2. Then follow the instructions to set your 4-digit PIN.

Change your voicemail PIN

To change your PIN, call 121 from your Talkmobile phone. Choose option 4, then option 2 and then option 2 again.

You’ll be asked to enter your current PIN first. Then you’ll be able to choose a new 4-digit PIN.

What to do if you forget your PIN

If you can’t remember your PIN and enter it incorrectly 3 times, your voicemail will be locked as a precaution. But don’t worry – unlocking it is easy.

Just call our Help Team on 5888 free from your Talkmobile phone so we can text you a new PIN, which you can then change to any 4-digit number you’d like.

Record a greeting for your voicemail

To record the greeting people will hear when they reach your voicemail, call 121 from your Talkmobile phone.

Then choose option 3 and follow the instructions for recording your message.

How to check your voicemail messages

To check your voicemail messages, call 121 from your Talkmobile phone. Your message will play automatically.

At the end of your message you’ll be given options to listen to it again, delete it, call the person back, skip to the next message or save the message.

You can also check your messages from any phone if you’ve previously set up a PIN for your voicemail. Just call +44 7836 121121 and follow the instructions to listen to your messages.

Does using voicemail cost anything?

How much using voicemail costs depends on your price plan. In our latest price plans, voicemail use is included in your bundle and then charged for once you've run out of allowance.

Take a look at all our call costs by clicking on your plan.

How to switch your voicemail off

To turn off your voicemail so callers won’t be able to leave a message, call 1210 on your Talkmobile phone.

To turn your voicemail back on, call 1211 on your Talkmobile phone.

How to extend your ring

Your Talkmobile phone is set to ring for 15 seconds before going to voicemail. You can change how long it rings for at 5 second intervals to a maximum of 30 seconds.

To choose your desired ringing time, follow these steps:

1. Enter **61*121*11* on your phone
2. Enter the number of seconds you’d like your phone to ring for followed by #
3. Press call

For example, if you want to set your mobile to ring for 20 seconds, you enter **61*121*11*20# and press call.

A confirmation message will pop up on your screen to let you know the change was successful.