How to buy Talkmobile 

Find out how to buy from us 

The simplest way to start with Talkmobile is to buy your phone or price plan from us here directly on the Talkmobile website. 

Buying online 

We might not have any retail stores but we feel this is most beneficial for our customers. We’re a value brand at heart and the money we save is passed on to our customers in our pricing.

Because of this, we place a lot of focus into our ‘Help’ team as a point of contact for all our customers and maintain a great relationship with our reliable courier DPD, where customers can track their order.

New to Talkmobile 

If you are new to Talkmobile, just click on the shop tab at the top of the homepage. This is where you can select specifically what you need, whether that is looking initially at our phone range, price plans or our Sim-Only plans. You can tailor the search to match your needs. 

Upgrading with Talkmobile 

If you are already a Talkmobile customer, you can click on the Upgrades tab on the homepage and select the plan that suits you best. 

Once you have selected the plan that works best for you – all you will need to do is fill in the usual details we require to process your order. You will then get an email to confirm your order. You will then be able to track your order through our courier DPD.

For more information on tracking your order, deliveries and returns please click on this helpful link

Speak to us 

If you can't decide what plan is right for you or you have a query regarding joining us or upgrading. Please get in contact with us by phone or via Webchat online. 

How to navigate our shop

You’ve landed on the Talkmobile homepage. From here, you will see Shop as one of the main tabs at the top of the page.

Hover over the Shop tabs for a series of simple options. There are three options to select from:

Phone Range – If the phone is the most important part of your decision, click on Phone Range to see our selection of current phones. Once you’ve found the phone for you, you are then able to view the contracts available with it and select. You can then click on the green icon “Order this phone and plan.”

Price plans – If you have a set price plan in mind, click on price plans for our straightforward pricing options. Once you have found the price plan that works for you, below you will see the phones which are available with that plan. Click on the phone so you can see the description. Once you have the ideal phone to go with your price plan, click on the green “Order this phone and plan.”

SIM Only price plans – If you already have a phone but want a cheap price plan, click Sim Only. Once you have clicked onto the Sim Only price plans, you will then choose whether you need a Micro or Nano Sim. Once selected, you will then choose what plan works best for you. Please note there are two similar options, one is a 12 month agreement and the other is 30 day Sim agreement.