Lost and stolen phones

Block a lost or stolen phone so it can't be used

If your phone's missing contact us as soon as you can.

We'll block your SIM to make sure no one else can use it. You'll be responsible for any charges run up on your phone before we block it, so please don't wait to tell us.

You can ring us anytime to report that your phone has been lost or stolen, even outside of normal Help Team hours. You don't need to worry as we have an emergency team in place who can block your SIM straight away.

If you find your phone later, just let us know and we'll unblock your SIM so you can use it again.

Report a stolen phone to the police or your insurance company

You'll need some information from us so you can report your phone stolen to the police or your insurance company.

Once we've made sure no one can use your phone, we'll tell you your phone's unique ID code (called an IMEI). You can use this number to make a crime report at your local police station. If you have insurance, you can also use it to make a claim.

Replacement phones and SIMs

We understand it's frustrating if your phone gets lost or stolen. While we don't offer free replacement phones, we can replace your SIM for a small charge – just contact us by phone or Webchat and we'll arrange this for you.

If you need a new phone right away you can either start a new contract with us, or buy a new 'SIM free' phone for your current contract. SIM free phones are readily available online.

If you have insurance, your insurance company may be able to lend you a phone while your claim's going through.