Ways to pay your bill

Direct debit and card payments

When you start your contract with us, we’ll automatically set you up with direct debit payments. That way you don’t have to worry about missing your bill due date.

If you would rather not pay by direct debit, you can pay each month using your Visa Debit, Maestro, Debit MasterCard or Visa Electron card. However, please note that if you opt out of our direct debit system, you’ll be charged a monthly £3.50 administration fee.

To pay each month without direct debit, you can log in to My Account, or contact our Help Team. You can also pay your bill by calling 5888 free from your Talkmobile phone or on 0333 304 8064 from any other phone (charges apply).

If you'd like to pay without direct debit you'll need to first register your card in your My Account or by contacting us.

When to pay your bill

If you’re a contract customer, our direct debit system will automatically take your bill payment each month. If you’ve opted out of direct debit, you’ll need to remember to pay each month within 14 days of the payment date that is on your bill. As soon as your bill's ready, we'll send you a text and an email to let you know.

What happens if you miss a payment or your payment is late

If your bill hasn’t been paid within 14 days of your payment due date, you’ll be charged a late payment fee which may include interest. If your payment is late we may also pass your information on to a collection agency.

If you’ve opted out of our direct debit system, or if you don’t have enough funds in your account for us to automatically take payment, you can pay using your debit or credit card instead. However, please note that you’ll be charged a monthly £3.50 administration fee for paying your bills this way.

You can read more about late payments in our Terms and Conditions here.

What happens if you go over your Credit Limit

All Talkmobile customers have a Credit Limit when starting a contract with us. This is set each month and helps make sure you don’t run up very high charges on your phone.

If you do go over your Credit Limit, we’ll restrict your services until you’ve paid all charges, which include a reconnection fee. If you've gone over your credit limit, any calls you make will be diverted to our Help Team so that they can re-activate your services once you've paid charges.

Please note that your Credit Limit won’t stop you from using your phone immediately when you’ve reached the limit, so it’s possible to incur charges before your services get restricted.

If you think you might run up a large bill, you can always increase your credit limit as long as your account is up to date and you've had no late payments in the last 3 months. We'll have to carry out a credit check and may have to ask for a deposit.

If you’d like to change your credit limit, please get in touch with our Help Team through Webchat or by phone.