Our price plans and pricing information

Price plans for contract customers

We know choosing a phone plan can be confusing, so we’ve kept our plans as simple as possible.

All of our plans give you texts, minutes and data, and some plans allow for picture messaging. Check out the tables below to see what's included in each plan.

Contract plans

Our monthly contract price-plans come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. They're exactly the same whether you’re new to us or upgrading.

  Mins Texts Data
Small 250 5000 500 MB
Medium 500 5000 1 GB
Large 1000 5000 2 GB


SIM Only plans

Our SIM Only price plans come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. You can choose between 12-month or 30-day plans.

12 month SIM only plans

  12 month Mins Texts Data
Small £7.00 250 5000 500 MB
Medium £9.50 1000 5000 1 GB
Large £12.50 3000 5000 2 GB
X-Large £15.00 3000 5000 3 GB


30-day SIM only plans

  30-day Mins Texts Data
Small £7.50 250 5000 100 MB
Medium £10.00 500 5000 500 MB
Large £12.50 750 5000 1 GB
X-Large £15.00 1000 5000 2 GB


Pricing information for contract customers

UK calls, texts and data

Although your current plan will give you a monthly allowance of calls, texts and data, once you've used up this allowance, you'll begin to be charged for out of allowance usage. You may also be charged for calling certain numbers which aren't included within your allowance, for example premium rate or directory enquiry numbers.

(Take a look at this guide to help you understand what's covered and what's not covered in your monthly allowance.)

To find out more information about call, texts and data charges once you've exceeded your allowance, or to find out rates for numbers not included in your allowance, take a look at the rates for all of our plans. You'll be able to click on the plan you're currently on and see our full list of charges.

International Calls from the UK to abroad

Making calls from the UK to numbers abroad will differ from your normal rates, and won't be included in your standard allowance. Take a look at our full list of International charges.

Calls and texts from abroad (Roaming)

Making calls or sending texts abroad is what's known as roaming.

When you're abroad and using your phone, the charges differ from the usual rates. This is because your calls, texts and data are routed through different networks. Your standard allowance cannot be used for making calls abroad to the UK or elsewhere.

See a full list of costs for using your phone abroad.

Using data abroad (Roaming)

Using data abroad is known as data roaming.

When you use data abroad, it won't be included in your standard monthly allowance. Depending on which country you're visiting, you'll be charged from 19p to £7.50 per MB of data.

See a full list of costs for using data abroad.

Links to our full price plans

For contract customers

For calls, texts and data in the UK to other UK numbers.

For calls and texts from the UK to abroad.

For calls making calls and texts whilst abroad (roaming).

For using data abroad (data roaming).

For Pay As You Go customers

Our full list of Pay As You Go charges.