Our phone range

Why we only range Smartphones

We only range smartphones because we believe our customers will enjoy using them more. But that doesn't mean you have to be a technical whizz-kid.

We have a wide range of smartphones from simple to use, through to big, shiny, do-everything phones. We don't always offer the latest models but we range last year's heroes, when we can give you a great price.

We make sure we include best-selling brands like Samsung, Apple and Nokia as well as some names that aren't as well recognised where we find great phones for low prices.

How we use independent customer reviews

We've chosen to only offer phones with a Reevoo score of at least 8/10. Reevoo is an independent site where you can find real, unbiased customer reviews.

All of our phones are smartphones, so you’ll be able to use 3G for browsing the internet, using email, or watching videos and listening to music.

Some of our phones are 4G-ready as well, although we don't offer 4G services yet.

To find out more about 2G, 3G, 4G and what it all means, take a look at this help article.

Phone insurance

Phone insurance can protect you from unexpected costs if your phone gets stolen or damaged.

We don’t currently sell phone insurance, but you can find a good range of phone insurance prices and options at Money Saving Expert.