Set a screen lock

What is a screen lock?

A screen lock is a way of securely locking your phone. The most common type of screen lock is a PIN number but you may also be able to use a password or pattern. When you turn on your phone or activate the display, you’ll be asked to unlock your phone before you can access your home screen or any content. If you decide to set up a screen lock, make sure you make it memorable.

Why it’s important to get a screen lock

A screen lock can help protect any personal information you have stored on your phone. This way, if your phone is stolen, it'll be much harder for anyone to access your private data.

Set up a lockscreen passcode on an iPhone

You can use Apple’s easy-to-follow tutorial to set up an iPhone lockscreen passcode.

Set up a screen lock on a Samsung or an Android phone

Follow these basic steps on an Android phone:

  1. From the home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap My device or security
  3. Tap Screen lock
  4. Choose which type of screen lock you’d like on your phone.
  5. Next, enter your PIN, password or pattern
  6. Your screen lock should now be set up on your phone

Or, if you have a Samsung phone, you can follow Samsung’s specific guide to setting up a screen lock on your phone.

Set up a screen lock on a Nokia or Windows phone

You can follow this guide to set up a screen lock on your Windows Phone.