Troubleshoot phone problems

If you're having problems with your phone

Having problems with your phone?

It’s frustrating when your phone’s playing up. Fortunately these days there’s loads of troubleshooting help on the internet.

We’ve recommended some quick-fixes and websites in the sections below.

Or, if you're comfortable with using it, YouTube is also a great place to find troubleshooting videos.

If you can’t solve it yourself, get in touch with one of our Help team members online, or on the phone, they’ll be happy to help.


Before you get too worried that your phone's not working, it might be worth trying these quick fixes:

  • Restart your phone by turning it off and on again.
  • Take the phone's battery out and put it in again.
  • Take out the SIM card and put it back in again. To do this, take a look at our section introducing your SIM. This section tells you what your SIM card is and how to take it out of your phone and put it back in.
  • Reset your phone.
  • Update to the latest software.

If your phone's still not working, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Help team members online over Webchat, or on the phone, they’ll be happy to help.

Troubleshoot an iPhone

If you need help with an iPhone, you can visit the Apple support website.

Or, you can take a look at this user friendly guide.

Troubleshoot a Samsung

To get help with a Samsung phone, you can visit the Samsung website.

You can also get the Smart Care App, created by Samsung for your Samsung phone, which is free from the Google Play store on your phone.

Once you've downloaded the app through the Play Store, Smart Care will run through the current settings on your phone, and help you find and fix any issues which may be affecting the performance of your phone.

Troubleshoot a Nokia

To get help with a Nokia phone, you an either visit the Nokia Support webpage, or go to the Microsoft Mobile support webpage.

Troubleshoot a Sony

For help with a Sony phone, visit the Sony Mobile Support website.

Troubleshoot an HTC

Get help with an HTC phone by visiting the HTC Support website and selecting the model of your phone.

Troubleshoot a Blackberry

Troubleshoot a Blackberry by visiting Blackberry's official support website.

Alternatively, you can visit this site, which will take you through the most common problems and solutions for Blackberry phones.

Troubleshoot a different phone

If you don't have one of the phones listed in the above sections, you can find the official support websites for other makes of phones in this section.

Motorola phones

For help with a Motorola phone, visit Motorola's support website and choose the model of phone you'd like to troubleshoot.

Alcatel phones

Troubleshoot an Alcatel phone by visiting the official Alcatel Support website and choosing the model of your phone. You'll be able to see FAQs, hotline and repair centre information, and other support.

Doro phones

Get help with your Doro phone by visiting Doro's Support websitewhere you'll be able to enter the model of your phone and see repair and support information and contact details.

LG phones

For help with your LG phone, visit the LG Official Support website and simply enter the model of your phone.

Your phone's guarantee & contacting the manufacturer

If your phone's developed a fault within 30 days of delivery

If you have a phone that’s developed a fault within 30 days of delivery, please return it with all its components, in its original packaging so we can repair it or send you a replacement. Contact us by phone or Webchat to get started with your return.

If your phone's developed a fault after 30 days of delivery

If you have a phone that developed a fault after 30 days, please contact the phone’s manufacturer directly for any warranty repairs.

Make of phone Phone warranty Contact number Website
Alcatel 24 months 0207 458 0026 Alcatel Support
Apple 12 months 0800 107 6285 Apple Support
BlackBerry 24 months 01753 558 410 Blackberry Support
CAT 24 months 0844 856 7004 CAT Support
Doro 12 months 01753 907 980 Doro Support
HTC 24 months 0203 684 5000 HTC Support
Huawei 24 months 0333 370 0800 Huawei Support
LG 24 months 0344 847 5454 LG Support
Motorola 12 months 03339 997 550 Motorola Support
Nokia / Microsoft 24 months 0344 800 2400 Nokia and Microsoft Support
Samsung 24 months 0330 726 7864 Samsung Support
Sony 24 months 0370 5237237 Sony Support