Unwanted calls and messages

Stopping unwanted sales calls and texts

Receiving unwanted marketing messages can be annoying, but there is a way to stop them. You can easily register your mobile telephone number with the Telephone Preference Service, or TPS.

This free service tries to make sure that you won’t receive sales and marketing calls you haven't agreed to. Visit the TPS website to find out more.

Please note it can take up to one month for your number to be removed from all marketing lists.

How to deal with harassment calls

It can be distressing to be a victim of prank or nuisance calls.

If you're receiving these kinds of calls, we recommend not answering unknown numbers. If you do pick up a prank or nuisance call it's best not to encourage the caller by speaking, just hang up.

If you feel you're really being harassed, then you may want to report the calls to the police

We can also change your phone number for you. Just contact us with the details of the police report, we'll be happy to help.

Unwanted calls or messages from Talkmobile

From time to time we'd like to let you know about products and special offers we think you'd like.

If you’d rather not hear from us, log into My Account or contact us to change your marketing preferences.