Calling and texting when you're abroad

Costs for calling and texting

When you go abroad and use your phone to make calls or to text, you're doing something known as 'roaming'.

This kind of usage falls outside of your monthly allowance and you'll be charged extra.

You can use your phone in over 200 countries around the world on Talkmobile. We have agreements with phone companies in other countries that let our customers use their services.

That's great news for keeping in touch, however it does mean prices can vary a lot depending on where you're going.

Please also be aware you'll get charged for receiving calls while you're abroad. This is because we get charged by our international partners.

There are 6 different roaming zones. You can check the cost for your destination country on Pay monthly here or Pay as you go here.

Phoning a number abroad when you're not in the UK

If you're abroad and would like to call or text another number which is also abroad, you'll only be charged for the zone you're in. For example, if you're in France (zone 1) and are calling a US number which is in a different zone, you'll only get charged for making a call from zone 1.

Calling or texting when you're travelling by sea

If you're travelling by boat somewhere, and you make a call on a ferry or cruise ship, your phone will usually be on something called a 'maritime network'.

Maritime networks are registered in specific countries: it just depends which country controls the network. This means that calls you make whilst travelling at sea might show up on your bill as being made from a different location.

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