Using data abroad

Unblock your phone to use data abroad

To prevent you accidentally running up big data charges while abroad, your account’s default setting blocks you from using your data when you're overseas ('data roaming').

If you want to use data while you’re away you'll need to contact our Help Team before you leave the UK to change this setting.

European Union data limits

To help you avoid big phone bills when you’re abroad, we automatically opt you into an European Union ('EU') data limit. This blocks you from using any more data once you’ve reached the set £41 limit. Find out more about the what the EU data limit is.

You can always opt out of the EU data limit by contacting us.

Costs of using data abroad

When you use data on your phone abroad, it's not covered in your monthly data allowance.

Unfortunately it can be quite expensive to use data when you're abroad, especially if you're visiting a country that's not in the EU.

We've separated countries throughout the world into 6 different data roaming zones. Each data roaming zone has different costs because we get charged differently by our international partners.

If you've got a Talkmobile contract, check which data zone your destination country is in and how much it'll cost to use data by taking a look at our full list of Contract data roaming charges.

If you're on Pay As You Go, find out how much it'll cost to use data abroad by checking our full list of PAYG data roaming charges.