Your delivery

If you've ordered a phone from us

If you've ordered a phone from us, our courier partner, DPD, will deliver it to you.

Once DPD have your phone ready to deliver to you, they’ll send you an email or text message to tell you your delivery date. If you find your delivery date unsuitable, you'll be able to change it with DPD to a day which suits you.

On the morning your phone is due to be delivered, you’ll get another text or email from DPD which will confirm a one hour delivery slot and allow you to track the progress of your parcel on a map. It can take up to 3-4 working days for your phone to get to you, but we'll try to be as quick as possible.

Once DPD arrive, you’ll need to sign for your delivery so that we can be sure you’ve received your phone.

If you've ordered a SIM card from us

If you’ve ordered a SIM card from us, we’ll send it out to you as soon as possible by first-class post. You should receive your new SIM card within 3-4 working days. You won’t need to sign for your SIM card when it arrives, as we’ll post it through your letter box.

Reschedule a delivery

Once our couriers, DPD, are ready to ship your order, they’ll email or text you to let you know the date you’ll receive your phone.

If the date isn’t convenient for you, they’ll also provide you with a website address where you can easily change your delivery date to one which suits you best. Or, if you’d prefer, you can arrange to pick your phone up from your local DPD depot.

Track your order

After you have ordered your phone, you will get an email confirming your delivery details, including your parcel number. You will get this email once the item has been dispatched. Once this email has come through with these details, you will be able to track your order.

To track your delivery, visit the DPD website and on the right hand side of their homepage, you will see 'How Can We Help,' In this section you can enter the parcel reference number and your post code to track the delivery. 

If you haven't received a delivery email from us or are unable to track your order. please contact us so we can help. 

If your order is lost or is not delivered

If you haven’t received your phone within 3-4 working days of placing your order, or you’ve not had a delivery confirmation notice from DPD, please contact us so we can help. We’ll look into your order to find out where your phone is, and if necessary arrange another shipment for you.