We’re saying goodbye to 3G

All UK mobile phone companies are closing their 3G networks to focus on strengthening their newer networks and providing faster, better quality services. 

We’ve already retired our 3G network in Plymouth, Basingstoke, Hull, Oxford and Glasgow. We’ll complete the switch off nationally in 2024.

Say hello to better connections

Our 4G and 5G networks come with loads of great benefits, from faster internet speeds to improved call quality. If you currently rely on 3G, we don't want you to lose your connection, so over the next year we'll help you with additional support, handy FAQs and a customer service team ready to answer any questions you may have. There's still time to make the move over to 4G or 5G and we'll be with you every step of the way.

What can you do now?

First find the make and model of your phone

If you are not sure which model you have, look in the general settings for information about your phone.

Next check whether your phone has 4G calling capability

Visit our 4G page and look up your model to find out if you can use it for 4G calling.


Switch on 4G calling

Activate 4G calling, use the instructions for your phone model provided by our partner Vodafone.

Switch on 4G calling

Upgrade to a 4G phone

Check our range of 4G calling device deals, available from as little as £10 per month.

Upgrade to a 4G phone

Need more help?

Not sure if your phone is compatible with 4G calling or have another question? We’re here to help.

Will 2G be switched off too?

Our 2G network, which covers 99% of the UK population, will remain in place for calls and texts.

What will happen if I don’t upgrade to 4G or 5G?

If you haven’t moved over to 4G or 5G when 3G is switched off, your phone will use our 2G network for calls and texts. But you won't be able to use data. To make sure you have the best possible connection you should switch to a phone that has 4G Calling (sometimes called VoLTE). We can help you find the right solution. Contact us using the details on our website.

Why is 3G being switched off?

Technology has continued to grow and improve. Once we have switched off 3G we’ll be able to use that part of the network to boost the speed and capacity of both 4G and 5G – so you’ll enjoy faster and more reliable connections. All UK mobile phone operators have committed to switching off 3G.

What are the benefits of switching to 4G?

4G phones offer

  • faster internet speeds
  • improved call quality using 4G calling
  • WiFi calling and texting for those out of the way places where there is no signal
I’m a vulnerable customer. What support will be available for me?

If you’re registered as a vulnerable customer and need extra support, our dedicated team will be on hand to help you – call 5888 free from your Talkmobile phone.

Find out about how we help vulnerable customers by visiting our dedicated web page.

I need to upgrade but don’t want an expensive phone. What can I do?

Check our range of 4G calling device deals from as little as £10 per month – visit our upgrade page.

How can I check the network coverage in my area?

If you'd like to know about the signal in our area, please use our Network Checker.

How can I upgrade?

Visit our upgrade page.

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