Our Story

Who are Talkmobile?

We’re a British mobile phone company based in Berkshire. Talkmobile was founded in 2007 and since have been committed to providing great customer service for our customers, as well as great prices.

What we stand for: we’re here to make mobile simple

To us, mobile phones have become an essential part of daily life. We rely on them, whether it’s keeping in touch with our loved ones, finding our way around a new city or simply showing friends what we’re up to. We almost take them for granted when everything’s going well, but when they aren’t working, we feel like a little piece of us is missing. Here at Talkmobile we want to make sure that you’re always connected and we understand what it feels like when you’re not.

We cut out the nonsense from mobile, hence our simple plans, phones and low cost prices. We try never to over-complicate things for customers and want to inject some common sense in to the mobile world.

Our company values

 ABC simple iconHelpfulStraightforwardConscientious icon

Helpful: We go out of our way to help our customers

Straightforward: We strip away complicated processes and make it easy for customers to get things done or get the information they need. We’re anti-nonsense!

Conscientious: We’ve all been there when dealing with difficult mobile networks so we feel customers’ pain. We strive to be different and work hard to earn our customer’s trust

Simple: We limit the number of phones we sell on our website so that customers don’t have to faf about on our website looking at phones they would never actually end up buying

How do we offer standout customer service yet keep the prices down?

We want to be different from other mobile networks and that’s why we keep things simple. This helps us save costs and makes it easy to do business with us. We’re lucky that we’re small enough to change things when they aren’t working or when our customers want something different.

  • We don’t have any shops because they’re expensive to run and customers love the simplicity of shopping online- so we invest more into our website and use the savings to give our customers cheaper deals
  • We don’t stock the newest and most expensive phones- customers now know that with each smartphone release, you don’t get an awful lot more, yet receive a huge hike in the price
  • We’ve kept our price plans simple- with no hidden costs. There’s a choice of ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, ‘Large’ or ‘Extra Large’ and we offer the same low prices to new and existing customers
  • We’ve gone back to basics- no sharer plans, extra gadgets or expensive add-ons you won’t use. Just your handset, minutes, texts and data, and you’re good to go!
  • We invest in new ways to get in touch with our Help team, such as our online Webchat service

Our team

We’re a small team of 16 people in Head Office, but there are lots of our partners and teams who help us run our mobile network. Our Help teams speak to customers over the phone and webchat, our distribution company make sure phones are delivered safely to customers and we use Vodafone’s mobile network to run our service. Our whole team, from the MD down, is determined to improve our service and understand the big things that give our customers a headache and fix them.