Apple iPhone 5c

Apple iPhone 5c
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Apple iPhone 5c

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In a nutshell

The iPhone 5c was launched at the same time as the iPhone 5s and is a cheaper, slightly cut-down version designed to make the iPhone range more affordable for more people. It still has Apple's hallmark features and (like all iPhones) is easy to use, which is, of course, the big appeal. Just be aware there's only 8GB of memory. Comes in bright, funky colours which make a nice change from routine black.

Best for you if: you want a recent iPhone for less and don't need lots of storage space or you're after an easy to use smartphone or you want a bit more colour in your life.

Not for you if: you plan to load your phone up with apps. Trade up to the iPhone 5s for 16GB, or consider an Android with expandable memory if it doesn't have to be Apple. Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini for something similarly sized.

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If you're upgrading from an iPhone 4 or 4s to an iPhone 5c you'll notice lots of improvements.

Firstly, there's the slimmer, lighter design and the bright colours, which make the 5c feel much more up-to-date and fun. It's got iOS 7 too, which has also had a design update so it looks & works differently.

What's iOS?

The front-facing 'selfie' camera has been upgraded and the screen is bigger so it's now a 'standard' smartphone 4 inches (this means apps should display better as they're usually designed for this minimum size).

More fundamentally, there's a big leap up in processor power, so the iPhone 5c is quicker and smoother. You'll spot this particularly if you like doing capacity-hungry things on your phone, like playing games. Battery life has improved too, plus the 5c is 4G-ready.

Just a note on storage. The 5c comes with just 8GB of memory, the same as the iPhone 4s. So if you're likely to download a lot of apps to your phone you might want to think about buying bigger (the iPhone 5s has 16GB).

However, you can store a lot more than 8GB of music, pictures and games in the iCloud, so you're able to use this as your central library, and just store what you need when you need it on your actual phone. This effectively buys you lots more space.

So we guess the remaining question is, should you buy the iPhone 5c or the iPhone 5s? Well, the 5s is definitely a step up in processing power, and it has some nice extra features, like fingerprint recognition security.

But if you don't want to spend that much, the 5c will give you the full iPhone experience, no question.

Our view: a clear step up from the iPhone 4 and 4s, the full iPhone experience in a colourful package for half the cost of later models.

Cool stuff

  • Ask your iPhone for help with Siri, Apple's voice-activated assistant
  • Bored of standard photos? Take square pictures with the camera app
  • Use panoramic photos as a scrolling screen lock
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