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Mobile phones have recently been getting bigger and bigger. Apple, however, with their newest release have gone against the grain and released something a little more manageable. The iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever. All of the power of the iPhone 6s fit into one easy to handle package. That means a 12 megapixel camera, 4k recording and an A9 processor, making this phone the Speedy Gonzalez of the smartphone world. The iPhone SE represents the famous design of the iPhone 5 with the specs of the iPhone 6s, showing that good things can come in small packages.

Best for you if: You like the benefits of having an Apple phone but have been put off by the size in the past. If you want one of the best phones available, which will still fit in your pocket then this will definitely be the phone for you.

Not for you if: You prefer an Android phone, some people just don’t like Apple, then we’d recommend the Samsung Galaxy A40 which is still a premium handset.

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Launching at the end of March 2016, the iPhone SE is essentially a re-launch of the iPhone 6s in a different package. This is not a bad thing however, because the SE will definitely appeal to people who don’t like the 6s or the 6s Plus. Measuring at less than 5 inches the iPhone SE is a lot more comfortable to use than the 5 and a half inch iPhone 6s or the gargantuan 6 inch iPhone 6s.

What the iPhone SE lacks in size it makes up for in style. Featuring the same design as the famous iPhone 5s, it is an attractive phone. The screen also features the ‘Retina’ display which leads to extremely vibrant and highly-detailed images and a positive viewing experience for any streaming.

Powering the phone is the A9 processor, which is also the same as the iPhone 6s, making the SE on the same level as the most powerful iPhone available. This means that the iPhone SE will stream videos, loads apps and perform the daily functions at the same pace as Apple’s current flagship phone. At almost half the price of the iPhone 6s, this SE does represent significant value based on its features – and that’s something we are a fan of.

Speaking of features, the iPhone SE has a 12 megapixel main camera which is competitive. The same as the iPhone 6s once more, this camera isn’t as good as Samsung, Sony or Huawei phones but will still deliver a crisp photo that will pull in the likes on social media. One thing that does make the photographic abilities of this phone special is the ‘Live Photo’ functionality. A photo isn’t just a photo with the new iPhone, it records before and after the photo is physically taken, meaning you never miss a moment. This function creates GIF like images which can capture the most important moments.

One final feature is the inclusion of force touch. The way you interact with your phone is now very different. Hold down and press on apps, texts and photos to have a quick view. Seamless control at the tips of your fingers, this latest addition to the Apple software has made using your phone quick, easy and simple.

Our view: The iPhone SE is an interesting move for Apple, never before have they gone backwards with the design of their phones. On this occasion however, we feel it works. Cramming an old design full of new hardware and software leads to an enjoyable almost nostalgic feeling, and we think that people that choose this phone will enjoy the more compact nature of it.

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