Changes to Roaming in our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Just to let you know, we’re making changes to our acceptable use policy for using your phone abroad (roaming).

Please see our AUP for more information on our Roaming Fair Use Policy and terms on Permanent Roaming (

Why are you making a change?

Your plan comes with inclusive roaming in 41 European destinations (“Inclusive Roaming”). However, this service is designed to support customers during occasional periods abroad such as holidays and short trips. We hope by doing so we can take away worry by keeping you connected with friends and family during these short periods.

The vast majority of our customers meet this principle and use Inclusive Roaming in temporary and occasional overseas trips. However, some usage patterns don’t, and before we make new changes and apply additional charges, it is right that we clarify what we mean by acceptable usage.

What is considered unfair usage?

From 15th July 2021, if you use your phone abroad in Inclusive Roaming destinations for 61 or more days in a 120 day period (“Permanently Roaming”), you may incur additional charges and we’ll send you a warning message to let you know.

When will I be charged and how much will it cost?

If after 14 days of us sending you a warning message, you continue to use Inclusive Roaming, you’ll then incur a surcharge of £7 per week which will allow you to use your phone in Inclusive Roaming destinations.

Rest assured, you’ll still be able to receive calls and texts while abroad in Inclusive Roaming destinations at no extra cost.

Will I be charged this forever?

No, you’ll only be charged these extra charges while your usage is still classed as Permanently Roaming. Once the majority of your time over a previous 120 day period has been spent in the UK or you stop using Inclusive Roaming, we’ll stop charging you these extra charges.

What is the new fair use policy for ?

High users overseas drive a disproportionate amount of our costs. To keep our prices at the low levels you expect, we are introducing limits on how much data you can use for free whilst roaming.

All customers will be able to use up to 15GB of their normal UK data allowance whilst roaming in our Inclusive Roaming destinations. If your regular monthly UK data allowance is less than 15GB, you will be unaffected by this change. If you use more than 15GB from your monthly allowance whilst roaming, you will be charged at 0.6p per MB of data (equivalent to £6.17 per GB).

There will be no change to how you make and receive calls and texts while abroad in Inclusive Roaming destinations.

How can I avoid these charges?

If you only need to use your phone occasionally, you could switch off roaming on the days you don’t need it or switch over to a local Wi-Fi network.

For longer stays abroad, it might be worth considering getting a local SIM or phone. 

Anything else I should know?

Because we’re making these changes, you should have received an SMS from us on this matter, regarding your right to leave without paying an Early Termination Fee. We really hope you choose to stay, but if you’d like to leave, please call us on 5888 from your Talkmobile phone  within 30 days of receiving your SMS.  

Thank you for choosing Talkmobile – it’s great to have you with us.

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