Understanding the benefits of SIM Only contracts

There are so many different mobile phone deals out there offering so many different perks it’s sometimes tricky to know where to start. But with SIM Only deals, you get a price that’s straightforward – and some pretty clear benefits too.

What is a SIM Only contract?

A SIM Only contract means just what you’d think. You get the SIM card, with all the calls, messages and data you’d expect, but without the cost of the phone that would also usually be bundled into the price.

This means SIM Only deals are great for those who already have a phone they love, or those who just don’t feel the need to automatically upgrade each time their network suggests it. But the benefits of a SIM Only don’t end there…

SIM Only vs. Contracts

It might seem like the best smartphone deals are only available on lengthy contracts. And if you’re looking for the latest models, packed with features that are marginally better than the ones you’ve already got, then that might be true.

The reason for that is simple. The newer and more advanced the phone, the more you’ll have to pay out to own it. However, networks will get around these scary prices by letting you spread the cost over a 12, 18 or 24 month contract. You still pay the full price; it just feels more affordable.

But what if you don’t want to lay out up to £900 for a new phone? What if you love the phone you’ve already got and don’t fancy adding an extra 30 or 40 quid to your monthly bill? Well, that’s really the main difference between SIM Only and pay monthly, because with SIM Only plans all you pay for are the calls, texts and data you use each month – not the phone.

SIM Only vs. Pay as you go  

Pay as you go has been around for a while now, having been introduced as a more flexible alternative to pay monthly. For one upfront cost, you could get your hands on a decent phone (the newer and shinier, the higher the price) and simply buy credit as you need it.

When you compare pay as you go to SIM Only, there are some similarities. With both, you can expect to pay out less than you might each month on a contract. But the key difference between SIM Only and pay as you go is there’s less worry about running out of data and having to top up.

With a SIM Only deal, you get a great deal on free minutes, texts and data that suits you, meaning you won’t find yourself scrabbling around for your debit card or looking for a shop where you can top up.

More about the SIM Only deals we offer 

All our new Talkmobile SIM Only deals come with unlimited UK call minutes, unlimited UK texts and data according to the type of plan you need.

Our SIM Only plans are designed to be simple and start at just £5 per month. Our 30 day contracts offer you flexibility and our 12 month plans offer a little extra value.

And guess what? Switching is simple…

All of our Talkmobile SIM Only contracts are built to be simple and affordable. All you need to do is pick the right one for you and when you’ve signed up, we’ll send your SIM card out in the post.

If you’re transferring from another network, it’s really easy to keep your number too. All you need is your PAC or STAC code, which you can get from your old network as you wave them goodbye, and once we have it you’ll be up and running within 48 hours.

Our network is provided by Vodafone, which covers 99.7% of the UK, so if you were thinking there might be a catch to all of this you needn’t worry. We offer great coverage to match our great SIM Only deals and if you want to see what coverage is like in your area, just have a look at our signal checker.