You currently access your Talkmobile numbers through one login for My Account. We’re changing our systems and each phone number now requires a separate email address and password.

What you need to do

This means that you will need to re-register each Talkmobile number for a separate My Account.

We’re moving numbers to our new system on the date they’re billed, it’s a gradual process and therefore your numbers may not move to the new system all at once.

However, for this phone, your information has been moved across and you’ll need to re-register your details in our new system. It’ll take just a few minutes to do this, please go to our new My Account page, enter your account number which you can find in your monthly bill text message, a few personal details and you’re up and running.

What about my other numbers?

You’ll be able to register your other numbers once they receive the text notifying them to do so. For the time being you can still use your existing My Account for these numbers.

If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to chat to our Webchat teams or call 5888 free from your Talkmobile phone.

The Talkmobile Help Team