We’ve been doing a lot of work at Talkmobile to improve your online experience. Here are just a few things we’ve done to improve the way we help you.

Online help is getting better

The good news is that we can now offer Webchat, an easy and quick way to chat online to one of our Help Team.

The online help sections on www.talkmobile.co.uk are new and extensive so if you do have questions about your phone, plan or anything else Talkmobile then take a look here.

Helping you manage your monthly allowance

We’re letting you know by text when you’re getting close to and have used up your minutes, texts or data from your allowance. This will help prevent you going outside of your allowance and incurring extra costs.

Your itemised bill is available online

Save £1.50 every month by getting your bill online rather than a paper bill through the post. To do this, just sign up to My Account, it offers more than just an online bill. You can change your contact details, your marketing preferences as well as monitoring your usage throughout the month.

Helpful tip

Remember that your smartphone will use data to update apps whilst on standby, a lot of the time you will find this happens overnight. To make sure this doesn’t run down your data allowance or incurs you costs you weren’t expecting, turn your phone or the data off whilst you sleep and make sure you set the phone to only back up on Wi-Fi.

We’re looking forward to giving you news about more things we are able to offer you very soon. If in the meantime you want to get in touch, go to talkmobile.co.uk, you can chat online with our Help Team there.

The Talkmobile Help Team