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500 Minutes5000 Texts1GB Data24 months Contract

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In a nutshell:

If you’re on the look out for an entry level smartphone that doesn’t break the bank, the IMO Q could well be just the budget friendly handset for you. Though it lacks a little punch in the power department, it’s lower price means it’s perfect for those in need of a no frills phone that still looks sleek and sturdy.

Best for you if: You want a fully featured smartphone that covers all the basics, and a few extras, without splashing loads of cash.

Not for you if: You need a higher-performance phone, or you’re a big fan of smart features.

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As a completely new brand on the smartphone market, IMO (In My Opinion) might not be a name you’re familiar with yet, but if you’re looking for an unfussy smartphone that covers all the basics, you’re in the right place. IMO know that not everyone needs a smartphone with enough processing power to man a mission to Mars—for a lot of us, we just need something cheap and cheerful that ticks off all the essentials really well. And that’s exactly where the IMO Q fits in.

Though possibly the most budget-friendly phone on the market, it doesn’t look totally budget. A lot of attention has been taken to make sure the IMO Q feels like a phone at a higher price point—it’s weighty, comes in a few shades of grey and black, and feels really sturdy in your hands.

Though the display is a relatively humble 4 inches, it still boasts sharp colours and minimal pixilation when zooming in on text or images—so you’re all set if you want to do a spot of reading or check out photos.

Under the bonnet, the IMO Q is powered by a 1.2Ghz Quad Core Processor, which, though a little too weak to deal with running multiple, media intensive apps at the same time or heavy duty gaming, is perfect for keeping up with more low-end tasks, like texting, simple web browsing or using basic apps like Facebook or BBC News. So, as a smartphone for someone nonplussed about fancier apps or features, it really can’t be beaten at this price point. If this all sounds a little too basic for you, you’d be better paying out a little more for something with a bit more processing muscle, like the Alcatel Pop 4.

For any budding professional photographers out there, the IMO Q is maybe a little lightweight on the camera front. But for those happy to just get snapping for the memories, the rear-facing 5MP camera is more than equipped to live up to your needs. The front-facing camera has a slight dip in quality at only 2MP, which makes it ok for selfies, but a little grainy if you plan on using it to video call.

Battery life is fine for this price point and should last you a full day on a single charge, as long as you don’t do too much multi-tasking or high-intensity work. As it hasn’t been designed to handle lots and lots of apps at the same time, the IMO Q only comes with 8GB of memory—so you’ll need to pop a MicroSD (up to 32GB) into the dedicated slot if you’re looking to expand the memory capabilities. 

The IMO Q keeps it simple—it’s ideal as an entry level smartphone or if you’re looking for a cheap dedicated phone for checking e-mails, making calls or sending texts. It goes without saying that there are better phones out there, but that’s not the point—IMO aren’t looking to compete with the big players or set the smartphone world on fire, they’ve put a lot of work into making an easy to use, super affordable smartphone that’s perfect for everyday tasks.  So if that’s what you’ve got in mind, you really can’t go wrong.

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