What changes are happening to my Plan?

We’re retiring your tariff and moving you to a new plan that gives you the closest equivalent allowances to what you currently have.  This has meant there has been a small increase to the monthly price you pay.

We understand that this might not be what you require so you can call us on 5888 and chat to our team about either trying a different plan or upgrading your phone.  Alternatively, you have the right to cancel your contract with immediate effect if you call us on 5888 within 30 days of receiving this text notification.

When does my plan change?

Your plan will change on the 19th September.  That means your new allowances will come into effect from that day.

My phone bill looks a bit odd?

As you’re changing plans part way through the month, we’ll need to:

  • refund your old plan costs for the remaining period
  • add the new plan for the remainder of the month
  • charge you for the upcoming month

For example, if you were mid-way through the month when the change occurred it would state:

This month’s account charges
£7.50 24 months -£3.75
MyPlanMedium £5.00
MyPlanMedium £10.00

From the 19th September your My Account won’t show the change in your allowances section, don’t worry from your next bill date; it will be working as normal.

Get in touch

If you want to change plans or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either our online webchat team or by calling 5888.