Lower your bill.

Tips to lower your phone bill

There are several ways that you can monitor your usage and phone bill which will help you to see how you can lower your bill.

Keep track of your data in My Account

If you find that you’re going over your plan’s allowance, you can easily keep track of your texts, calls and data by logging into My Account.

If you find that you're going over the minutes in your allowance, you can always purchase a Booster to avoid out of allowance charges.

You can also monitor your data usage through your phone's settings. Find out how in the sections below.

Check your usage through your phone's settings

You can check your personal usage through your phone. However, you'll need to make sure you adjust the time-scale on your phone. This should allow you to see how much data you have used over a specific period of time.

Check your data usage on an Android phone

You can find out how much data you’ve used by tapping Settings from your App screen, then tapping Data Usage. Most Android phones also let you set a personal “mobile data limit” which will alert you if you’re going over your set amount.

Check your data usage on an iPhone

You can see how much data you’ve used by starting at your Homescreen and going to Settings, then Cellular. This shows you how much data you’ve used since you last reset your Cellular use. To keep track of how much data you’re using more regularly, simply reset your cellular use after each bill.

Check your data usage on a Windows phone

To check your data usage, go to Data Sense, then View Data Usage. This should show you how much data you’ve used to date. Make sure you see what time-scale you're viewing your data usage for to avoid any confusion with what you've used within your monthly allowance.

How to lower your data usage

If you're finding that you are exceeding your data allowance, there are several ways to help keep your data usage down:

Use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet instead of your data

When there’s a Wi-Fi signal available, or if you have wireless internet at home, you can connect to Wi-Fi instead of using your data allowance. This will help you use less data. To find out how to connect to Wi-Fi on your phone, take a look at Setting up Setting up Wi-Fi.

Please note that if you’re connected to a poor Wi-Fi signal, your phone can still receive and send data, if your data is turned on. To make sure you’re not using any mobile data at all, you can turn your mobile data off completely. Find out how in the section below.

Turn off mobile data

If you’re finding it hard not to go over your data allowance, you can temporarily turn off your mobile data through your phone's settings. Please note that when mobile data is switched off, you won’t be able to use any apps that use data, such as email, Facebook or browsing the internet. You can easily turn mobile data back on as soon as you'd like to use data again.

Turn off mobile data on an iPhone

To turn off data on your iPhone, you need to disable Cellular Data. On your home screen, tap Settings. Then tap Cellular. Tap the small green switch-bar next to Cellular Data. Your phone's access to mobile data should now be turned off. For help, visit Apple’s Cellular Data support section here.

Turn off mobile data on an Android phone

To turn off mobile data on your Android phone, from the app screen, go to Settings, Tap Data Usage, then switch off Mobile Data.

Turn off mobile data on a Windows phone

To turn off mobile data on your Windows phone, slide your finger left over the home screen and tap Settings. Then tap Mobile Network. Next, tap the box below Data Connection, then tap On or Off.

Still going over your monthly allowance?

You can always increase your allowance by purchasing a Booster.