Lifesaver Terms and Conditions

1. Lifesaver is available to eligible Talkmobile Pay As You Go customers who opt-in for the service by calling 5888 free from their Talkmobile phone.

2. Eligible customers will have been activated on the Talkmobile network for a minimum of 60 days. They must have made a minimum top-up of £5 on or after their 60th day of activation and must be opted-in to a current PAYG tariff with rewards.

3. Once opted-in for Lifesaver, customers will automatically have an additional £1 of airtime credit available to them that will be repaid out of their next top-up.

4. Following the use of the Lifesaver credit, customers will be debited a service fee of 10p from the next top-up that is applied. For example if you have used all of your £1 Lifesaver credit and your next top-up is £10, you will have a balance of £8.90 airtime.

5. When the Lifesaver airtime credit is in use, customers will be sent an SMS to advise that Lifesaver credit is in use.

6. Opted-in customers will not be eligible for £1 Lifesaver credit a second time until a top-up has been applied and the initial Lifesaver credit has been repaid.

7. Once opted-in customers will be able to request to opt-out of the Lifesaver service by calling 5888 from their Talkmobile phone.

8. Once opt-out has been requested, customers will be able to use any current remaining Lifesaver credit that is already in use, however no additional lifesaver credits will be available following next top-up.

9. Talkmobile reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time. Notice by text message will be provided to customers who have used the service before it is withdrawn. Notice will be effective immediately.