Pay as you go

The Talkmobile Pay as you go service is now closed. The service was made unavailable from 31st August 2017.


Important dates

30th June 2017 – Top up service was closed.

31st August 2017 – The Talkmobile Pay as you go Service was closed. Your services are restricted, including calls to emergency numbers, and any remaining credit will be lost.

30th September 2017 – The free top-up offer from Vodafone, exclusively available to Talkmobile customers taking a Vodafone PAYG connection, expired.


Important Dates

Keeping your number

All Talkmobile customers were supplied with a PAC code to keep their number when transferring to Vodafone or any provider. This code expired 31st August 2017 when the Pay as you go service closed.

Keeping your number

How to check your credit

To check how much credit you have left, dial *#1345# on your Talkmobile phone.

Account Balance