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Our standard price plan charges

The charges below will apply once you exceed your plan's monthly allowance or if your allowance doesn’t include any of the services listed.

To see a full list of prices for International calls, texts and video calls from the UK to abroad, click here.

To see a full list of prices for using your phone abroad (roaming), click here.

Standard UK call charges Cost per minute (1 minute minimum call charge)
Calls to any standard UK landline (starting 01, 02, 03), excluding Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man 10.2p
Calls to any Talkmobile mobile 10.2p
Calls to any other UK mobile networks 10.2p
Calls to Jersey, Guernsey or the Channel Islands 40p
Calls to the Isle of Man 40p
Voicemail 10.2p
Non-geographic numbers Cost per minute
Freefone numbers (starting 0800 & 0808) Free
Non-geographic numbers (starting 0843, 0844 and 0845) Access charge 15p + Service charge* 
Non-geographic numbers (starting 0870, 0871 and 0872) Access charge 15p + Service charge* 
Premium Rate & Directory Enquiries Cost per minute
Premium Rate services (starting 09) Access charge 15p + Service charge*
Directory Enquiries (118 numbers) Access charge 15p + Service charge* 
Other Services Cost per minute
Old style freefone numbers (starting 0500) Free 
Personal numbering services (usually starting 070) £1.22
Call Forwarding Services (e.g. 07744, 07755) 10p
Voice Shortcodes; typically 5–7 numbers long, used to dial TV/Radio shows, competition lines and information services. Each service advertises clearly the price charged. 30p to £2.66
UK message charges Cost per minute
Standard text message (up to 160 characters) 0.05p
Text message to Jersey, Guernsey or the Channel Islands (up to 160 characters) 20p
Texts to the Isle of Man (up to 160 characters) 20p
Picture messages (MMS up to 300kb) 30p
Video messages 30p
Non-standard text message e.g. call forwarding services (07744, 07755) 0.05p
Video calling to UK mobiles  10.2p
UK internet usage
Internet usage (pay as you browse) 10.2p / MB

The legal bit

* The price of the service charge is determined by the service company you are calling. For information on these charges please visit our Calling Service Numbers page.

If there is a conflict between the pricing and plan information in the Charges Guide and the pricing and plan information on the Talkmobile website then, the pricing and plan information on the Talkmobile website shall take priority.

Some devices may be locked to the Talkmobile network.

All standard UK call charges including voicemail within your plan’s allowance are charged for by the second.

All standard UK call charges outside of your plan’s allowance are charged for by the second with a 1 minute minimum call charge.

Due to the way our technology works, the start time of your calls made may differ slightly to the times reflected within your bill.

Sometimes you might find you lose signal when you're making a call. Even though you might not be able to hear anything, the call will continue while we try to re-establish the connection. Typically this lasts only a few seconds but you will be charged during this time. If your call doesn't reconnect, please make sure you have hung up to avoid unexpected charges.

Features or apps on your phone are active when your phone is running, even if you’re not actively using them. Take a look at your phone guide for more information. Please be aware that any data usage will be charged, either by being deducted from your monthly allowances or by being separately billed. To find out more about data and how you can keep data costs down, take a look at our section on data costs.

If you’re sending texts over 160 characters long, we’ll sometimes charge for them as two or more separate texts, displayed on the bill as being sent at the same time.

Near a border?

If you’re near a border, from time to time your phone might pick up the neighbouring country's network and start using it without you realising. UK based customers may notice this near the Irish border in particular. To avoid unexpected charges, keep an eye on the phone company name displayed on your phone.

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