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Sony E5 in a nutshell:

The Xperia E5 might be Sony’s budget smartphone, but you wouldn’t guess to look at it. It’s a really well-designed phone, with the kind of good looks that defy its price point. And with impressive specs, including a 13 megapixel camera and a pretty powerful processor, you’ve got yourself a great phone for this price point.

Best for you if: You’re not looking to spend a lot, but still want a good looking phone with some great features, from a trusted brand.

Not for you if: You need a high-performance phone, or you’re a big user of smart features. The Alcatel Idol 4 Plus might suit you better.

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Sony’s Xperia range of phones has been popular for a fair while now. And there’s plenty of good reasons for that. Strong build quality and great value for money are just two of the qualities associated with Sony’s flagship range – and the budget Xperia E5 is no exception.

Sony have put a lot of thought into the E5’s design – and it’s sure to turn heads. It’s a lovely polycarbonate shell, which feels pretty sturdy in your hand. The buttons don’t feel cheap at all when you press them, while the back has a matte finish, which gives the E5 a much more premium look than a lot of its competition in this price range.

The display, too, has obviously enjoyed a lot of attention. It’s very bright, for a start, so all your colours will really pop – and watching Netflix or checking out your photos will be a joy, even in direct sunlight. And at 5 inches, it’s reasonably large, too, so you can make more of the stuff you love on the go.

Beneath its very pleasing polycarbonate frame, the E5 is powered by a quad-core, 1.3GHz processor, which is again fantastic for this price range. Coupled with 1.5GB of RAM, it means your apps and daily tasks will zip along nicely and you shouldn’t have too many problems with juddering or lagging. Gamers should look elsewhere, though, since the graphics aren’t too powerful – and the E5’s no high-end workhorse. You’d be better paying a little more for the likes of the Alcatel Plus 4.

The E5’s rear-facing camera comes with a meaty 13 megapixels. It’ll capture really crisp, bright photos – and if you toggle HDR mode on from its easy-to-use menu, you’ll be even more impressed by the quality of your snaps. Selfie-takers and video callers alike will have no problem with the front-facing camera, which uses 5 megapixels to create sharp, surprisingly smooth photos and videos.

Battery life is fine for this price point and should last you a full day on a single charge, as long as you don’t do too much multi-tasking or high-intensity work. And you’ll probably need to pop a MicroSD card into the dedicated slot, since the E5’s 16GB of on-board memory probably won’t be enough for all your apps and photos. But it’s a small compromise to make.

The Xperia E5 really is a great phone for its price point. The design, display and camera experience all offer much more than you’d expect from a budget phone. Naturally, there are better phones out there, but you’ll have to pay more for them. Sony have put a lot of work into ensuring this “budget” phone offers a surprisingly premium experience – and it really shows. So if you’re simply using it for everyday tasks, you’ll love it.

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