Everything you need to know about your Spend Limit

What is your Spend Limit?

Your Spend Limit is the maximum amount you'll be allowed to spend on calls and messages to numbers which aren't included in your monthly allowance. You can amend it in MyAccount or by starting a chat using the orange Chat Now box on the right hand side of the page.

  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 7pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 5pm.  

When you reach your Spend Limit, you won't be allowed to spend any more on services which are not included within your monthly allowance.

What type of charges are covered under your Spend Limit?

  • Calls and messages to Premium Rate or Non-Geographic numbers e.g. numbers that start with the prefixes 09, 03, 084 and 087
  • Calls and messages from the UK to International numbers
  • Calls and messages made while roaming from outside the EU*
  • Data usage while roaming from outside the EU*  
  • Any Booster purchases - if the amount remaining in your Spend Limit (e.g £2) is less than the booster you want to purchase (e.g £4)  then the purchase will be declined until you raise your Spend limit. 
  • Any calls and messages after you've used up your plan's inclusive allowance of minutes and SMS/MMS
  • If you are not on one of our Talkmobile “MyPlans” or “MySIMO”, any extra data after you've used up all the data in your monthly allowance

Not sure what plan you're on? No problem - it's easy to check, simply login to MyAccount

So, for example, if your monthly tariff is £10 and you’ve set a Spend Limit of £5 then:

  • You’ll only be able to call your friend in Australia until the call charges reach £5, when you reach £5 the call will be stopped
  • Anything you spend up to the £5 Spend Limit will be added to your bill in addition to the cost of the monthly plan tariff that you’ve chosen
  • Although your Spend Limit is £5 you will only pay for the cost of the calls you’ve made or messages you’ve sent
  • It will still be possible for your bill to exceed £15 as there are other charges which do not count towards you Spend Limit, see below

What is not covered under your Spend Limit?

  • The charge for your monthly plan and any minutes, texts or data that are included in your monthly allowance 
  • Charges for sending or re-sending Paper Bills  
  • Donations to charity or other purchases you make which are charged to your bill 
  • Charges for failed Direct Debits 
  • Charges to change your phone number to a new one 

So even if you've set a Spend Limit of £0, your bill can still be higher than the amount you pay for your monthly plan as none of the above are restricted by the Spend Limit and will be added to your bill. 

*For information about roaming in Europe, see our Roaming in Europe page

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