Our Team

What’s it all for? (the existential bit)

A wise person once said ‘if you can, help others’. Well here at Talkmobile Towers we’ve ushered that sentiment in with open arms, given it a hefty bear-hug and finished off with a big, sloppy kiss. Which is another way of saying, ‘helping’ is what we’re all about.

You see, we want to help our customers find owning their phone simple and enjoyable (why complicate things?). In fact, we’re so committed to being helpful we’ve made it our mission - literally.

We want to be known as the UK’s Most Helpful Phone Company and we’ve promised ourselves and our customers we won’t stop until we get there. Watch this space.

Our culture and values (the what makes us tick bit)

We’re a small, low-cost operation with big ideas we believe in passionately. That creates a special kind of culture.

  • We're entrepreneurial, because delivering big ideas on a budget doesn’t happen by chance. That means taking risks and re-writing bits of the rule book.
  • We're nimble because time's precious when you’re a small team trying to change the world. That means no hierarchy, being decisive, and not doing things twice.
  • We're ambitious because we want to deliver our goal 110%. Half-hearted half-measures don’t excite us (being the UK’s Most Helpful Phone Company does).

But even though we’re busy carving out our niche in the world, there’s still plenty of time to be nice. Our helpful business is full of helpful people and because we’re a small team it’s good to know we can lean on each other (we make sure we have some fun too).

Our company values are to be ‘Open’, ‘Straightforward’ and ‘Fair’ and we behave this way with our customers, our business partners and each other. Honesty and respect are important to us and we believe we can't complete our mission without them.

What it’s like working with us (the 'this could be the start of something beautiful' bit)

Working in a smaller business isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. But if you like wearing lots of hats and making a difference every single working day, then we share some DNA.

Everyone in our team makes a huge contribution. There’s no buck-passing because, well, there’s no-one to pass the buck to. It means you work hard, but you get to deliver a lot. And that’s fine with us - we like being masters of our own destiny.

We’re a modern business so we work in a modern way. Instant messaging is as common as email, and we’re flexible about working times and places.

We’re collaborative too. We get together 3 times a week and make decisions as a team. We call it our ‘Punch’ session because it’s punchy and to the point (nimble, see!).

Our solutions are creative because we’re a low-cost operator so the answer is rarely to break out the cheque book. We like it because it keeps us fresh and makes us use our imaginations to find new and better ways of doing things.

Our people (the really important bit)

We think of our team as much more than the 14 people in Head Office.

For a start there’s the Talkmobile Help teams, who help our customers over the phone or Webchat. We all share the same culture and values no matter what our job title.

Then there’s our business partners – our distribution company and the phone manufacturers for example. Or Vodafone, whose mobile network we use to run our service. We rely on individuals and teams in those companies to help us get where we want to be, and we work with them the same way we work with the person sitting at the desk next to us.

We know our people can make or break our business, so a happy, healthy extended Talkmobile family is one of our top priorities.

The future (the exciting bit)

We can’t tell you exactly where we’ll be in 5 years' time, but we know it’s going to be a great adventure. If you’d like to be a part of it, then get in touch by emailing us at joinus@talkmobile.co.uk.