Your allowance and bill

What's included in your plan's monthly allowance

Our plans contain allowances for standard UK text messages, picture messages, data, and calls to standard UK mobiles (numbers starting with 07) and standard UK landlines (numbers starting 01, 02 and 03).

Calls and texts to and from abroad also fall outside of your allowance. You can check prices for each country here.

Once you've used up one type or all of your monthly allowance you'll be charged extra for anything more you use outside of your plan.

Extra texts are charged per text sent and extra calls are charged per call duration. Extra data use is charged by megabyte ('MB').

What's not included in your plan's monthly allowance

Certain types of calls and texts are not included in your plan and these cost extra.

Numbers that cost extra to call

  • Numbers beginning with 08
  • Personal numbers beginning with 070
  • Direct Enquiry numbers beginning with 118
  • Premium rate numbers beginning with 09
  • Numbers that forward your call to another phone, unless the number starts with 0207 or 0208
  • Calls you make from the UK to another country
  • Calls you make when you’re abroad (roaming)

These numbers are charged per call duration.

Texts that cost extra to send

  • Premium rate texts, which are usually to third party content providers
  • Directory or subscription based services
  • Texts to numbers abroad when you’re in the UK
  • Texts you send while abroad (roaming)

These are charged per text.

If you use data while you're abroad that will also be charged outside of your plan's allowance.

To see a full list of prices, take a look at our detailed price plan information.

Going over your allowance

Sometimes going over your allowance is unavoidable, but we understand you want to keep track of what you're spending.

We'll send you text alerts to let you know when you're getting near your limits, but to keep a closer eye register for My Account. There you can view your allowance and usage.

Once you've used up your monthly allowance, we set a limit on how much you can spend beyond that. This is to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity on your account. We call these 'out of allowance limits' and you can read about them here.

With some of our older plans you could buy small bundles or 'bolt-ons' giving you a bit of extra allowance. We don't have bundles or 'bolt-ons' any more, but if you find you're regularly going over your allowance, don't worry.

We can switch you to a plan with a bigger allowance and it shouldn't cost you any more than you would have paid for a bolt-on (it might even cost a little less).

Read about changing your price plan here.

What if your bill's higher than expected?

There's a number of reasons why your bill could be more than you'd expected it to be.

You've gone outside of your plan's allowance more than usual

Check what you've used on My Account and view our detailed price plan information here.

You've been using your phone abroad

Depending where you are, it can be expensive to use your phone overseas. See our full list of charges here.

You've been dialling or texting premium rate numbers

Premium rate numbers are especially costly. Often included in these are competition text entries, directory enquiries numbers and some customer service numbers, so it may not always be clear when you've used one.

You've just joined, upgraded or cancelled your contract

In these circumstances your bill might be calculated differently to usual. You'll find information about this here.

If none of these apply to you and you think something's gone wrong with your bill, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.