We've been doing a lot of work at Talkmobile to improve your online experience. Here are just a few things we've done to improve the way we help you.

Changes to how you upgrade

We want to deal with you on your terms. That's why the focus of our business is now our website and we no longer operate on the high street. It allows us to create cost savings for you and is a convenient way for you to reach us without having to leave your home.

To give you the full support you need our Help Team has been strengthened and we've also introduced Webchat, a quick and easy way of chatting to us online, so you'll always be supported whether you need help or want to upgrade.

Online help is getting better

The online help sections on talkmobile.co.uk are new and extensive so if you do have questions about your phone, plan or anything else Talkmobile then take a look here.

If you want to get in touch, go to talkmobile.co.uk, you can chat online with our Help Team there.


The Talkmobile Help Team