Apple iPhone 5s 16GB

iPhone 5s
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Apple iPhone 5s 16GB

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iPhone 5s in a nutshell

If you don't want to pay out for the latest iPhone but you still want a high-end version of Apple's famous phone, then the 5s should fit the bill pretty well. On paper it looks expensive for the spec, but you're paying for Apple's globally renowned UI (iOS) which is exactly the reason iPhones are so hugely successful - they just work. It's also 4G-ready with a faster processor, longer battery life and improved camera suite.

Available in Space Grey, with 16GB capacity.

Best for you if: You're an Apple junkie and want a high-end iPhone but don't want to pay latest and greatest prices or you want to see what all the iPhone fuss is about.

Not for you if: You can't bring yourself to be an Apple user but still want a reliable brand, the Samsung A3 2017 is a great option.

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The iPhone 6 may have pinched a bit of the limelight from the iPhone 5s recently, but the 5s is still, without doubt, a very attractive phone.

It runs Apple's iOS 7 software which has had a big re-design over iOS 6 and is brighter-looking and even more intuitive.

iOS 7's got some really quite cool features, like TouchID which uses fingerprint recognition software to lock and unlock your phone, a new way to switch between screens for better multi-tasking and AirDrop which lets you share music and pictures with people nearby.

The camera is a great improvement over previous iPhones which have faced some criticism in this area. It's the same number of megapixels (8) but, without getting too technical, has a larger image sensor which results in crisper pictures.

On top of that, Apple have added a 'true-tone' flash which adjusts to the exact light in the environment, slow-motion video capture, and burst capture which lets you take multiple shots in quick succession.

Of course there's all the 'standard' stuff as well - iTunes, a music player powered by iPod technology, iCloud to store your pictures, documents and music, over 1 million apps and counting in the Apple App Store....all the things that make using an iPhone so enjoyable.

Our view: a phone that makes it easy to see why Apple are breaking records left, right and centre.

Cool stuff

  • Get Siri, Apple's virtual PA plus choose if Siri should be a guy or a girl
  • Use 'Flyover' to explore cities in a 3D birds-eye view
  • Use 'Find My iPhone' to help you track down a missing phone
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