Getting started on Pay As You Go

Inserting your SIM into your phone

There are three different SIM types, so make sure you’ve got the right SIM for your phone. You can order them here.

Standard Sim Micro Sim Nano Sim
Standard SIM Micro SIM Nano SIM

If you’ve ordered a SIM from our website we may have sent you a SIM card adapter. This converts a Micro SIM into a standard size SIM.

How to use the SIM card adapter:

  1. Pop the Micro SIM and SIM adapter out of the plastic surround.
  2. Put the SIM card inside the adapter so all of the SIM’s metal square is visible.
  3. Put the combined SIM and adapter in your phone’s SIM card tray. They will now fit

Setting up your phone for internet access and picture messaging (MMS)

Simply text WEB to 40127 to get your settings sent to your phone.

We'll then send you a text message, followed by a configuration message which will install your settings.

Unlocking your phone

Our SIMs will work in any unlocked phone or those purchased from Talkmobile or Vodafone. If your phone is locked to another network, you will need to call your current network provider to get your phone unlocked.

Keep your existing number

If you want to bring your number over to Talkmobile from another network, you’ll need to request a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) from your old network provider.

Once you have it just call 0333 304 8064 and one of our Pay as you go team will do the rest.

Top-up and checking your balance

Top up online now. You’ll need your mobile number and credit or debit card handy. To find out your mobile number just dial *#100#.

Find out more about the other ways you can top up your phone

Finding out your balance

You can find out how much credit you have left by dialling *#1345# and it will pop up on your screen. Alternatively you can call 5888 from your Pay as you go phone to hear your remaining balance.

Pay as you go price plans

When you first join us we’ll automatically set you up on our Talkmobile Happy Hour plan. On this plan you’ll pay a 10p connection charge for UK calls then the rest of the call is FREE up to 60 minutes. 4p for UK texts and 2p per MB for data.

Contact the Pay As You Go team