Accessibility at Talkmobile

At Talkmobile we are here to put you first. We want to ensure that our communications and services are accessible to everyone.


Choosing the right communication option for you

You will now find that all our emails we send to you are screen reader compatible. This means that if you require, you can use your screen reader to read our emails, so you are fully informed and kept up to date.

We now offer our bills and letters in several different accessible formats:

  • Braille
  • Audio CD
  • Large font
  • Dyslexic friendly (Cream paper or cream paper and large font)

Just contact our team to inform them that you require your Talkmobile letters in any of the above accessible formats and they will ensure everything you receive from us going forwards is in the format you’ve required.


Features we have to help support you

Text Relay is a service that helps people with hearing and speech difficulties communicate with anyone over the phone, using the national relay service. This means you can type what you are wanting to say, a relay assistant will be on the line to read this and will read out what you have said to the person on the phone. Then the relay assistant will type to you the response of the person you are talking to.

To get this service you can download the app that BT offer and follow the relevant steps.

Also if you need to get hold of the emergency services via Text Relay just follow the steps on their website.  

Another way to contact the emergency services is by registering your phone on the emergencySMS website. Follow the instructions to register your phone to ensure you are setup correctly.

If you’re a British Sign Language user, you can contact the emergency services through an online interpreter using 999 BSL Emergency Video Relay Service. The service connects you to a BSL interpreter who will appear on the screen. The interpreter voices what you say to the Emergency Operator and also relays in sign language what the hearing operator says in near real time. The interpreter will then make a subsequent voice call to the Emergency Services on your behalf. The service can also be used to receive return calls from the Emergency Authorities.

You also have access to free directory enquiries by calling 195. All you need to do is register your device by calling 0800 587 0195. You’ll be given a PIN which you will need to provide each time you call 195. 

Gari Mobile Accessibility website is a great resource which gives you advice on different devices and apps. You can get tips on which devices best suit you and what apps you can install to get the most out of your device.


How to contact us

If you would like to contact one of our help team for any accessible requirements you can email us at or use our webchat on our website.

You can also call the team on 5888 from your Talkmobile phone or you can call them on 0333 304 8064 from any other phone.

Don’t forget you can also see how we support vulnerable customers by looking at our Vulnerable Customers Policy.

We aim to ensure as many people can access our website and to improve the usability for accessible customers, so we can better support our customers. If you have any questions of comments or find any issues accessing our website please let us know by email us at or by calling the team on 5888 from your Talkmobile phone or you can call them on 0333 304 8064 from any other phone.

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