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Fancy one of these great offers?

    From  £10.95 a month
    £9 upfront
    iPhone SE 3rd Gen
    From  £23.95 a month
    £49 upfront
    Galaxy A04s
    From  £12.95 a month
    £9 upfront
    SIM card
    From  £6.95 a month
    £0 upfront
Subject to minimum term. Charges and Ts&Cs apply. 5GB fair use policy applies to roaming.
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New Phone or SIM Only?

A working phone is increasingly an essential in everyday life. We rely on phones to do so much for us, it's tough being without them. So if your phone is broken or you just fancy upgrading to something newer and shinier then log in to look through the range. If you can't see exactly what you want then get in touch and we'll see how we can help.

If you are happy with your phone then our cheapest plans will always be SIM Only deals. Your plan will update immediately, so you can start using your new allowance straight away.

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Can I get a new phone if I am currently on a SIM Only deal?

Yes. All customers can upgrade to a phone deal or get a new SIM only deal. It doesn't matter what kind of deal you are on today.

Can I upgrade to a cheaper plan?

Yes, if you are eligible to upgrade, then there are no restrictions on what you can upgrade to. Start a chat with us to find out more.

Will I be credit checked before I can get an upgrade?

No. When you upgrade to either a SIM only deal or a phone deal, we won’t credit check you.

Can I use my use my upgrade for tethering?

Yes, tethering is included in all Talkmobile plans. That means you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot using your phone and provide internet access to different devices around your home, not just your phone.

Can I use my new phone abroad?

You can use your new phone to call, text and use up to 5GB of data at no extra cost while travelling within our European roaming destinations. Find out more about roaming in Europe.

If you are travelling outside our EU roaming destinations, please check our charges for using your phone whilst you’re abroad.

Will I get sent a new SIM card when I upgrade?

No, just move your SIM card from your old phone to your new phone. Although phones take different size SIM cards, the Talkmobile SIM card works for all of them - you’ll just need to pop out the size you need. If for whatever reason, this doesn't work for you, then do contact us and we'll send you a new SIM card, free of charge.

Will there be a price rise in 2024?

No, Talkmobile will not be raising prices on monthly price plans in 2024. Out of plan charges (e,g roaming, international) excluded.

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