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We know good phone signal's important. It’s frustrating if you can’t make a call, a conversation cuts out halfway through, or your data speed’s slower than a teenager on Monday morning.

At Talkmobile, we want you to enjoy using your phone so you'll be pleased to hear we use the Vodafone network to run our service.

Vodafone’s signal covers 99.7% of the UK population and keeps more calls connected to the end than any other network in the UK. They're also improving their 3G speeds and coverage, by investing in the latest technology.

In 2015, Vodafone spent a huge £1bn on phone signal – a benefit you automatically get as a Talkmobile customer.

4G signal

Sometimes we’re asked why we don’t have 4G signal. Well, it's really a matter of timing.

As a fair-minded value brand, we'll offer 4G once it's available to everybody in the UK. We don't expect this will be too long and we'll let our customers know as soon as it's an option.

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