Additional Charges and Early Termination Fees

Additional Charges

  • Late payment fee - direct debit failure £5
  • Paper bill £1.50
  • Bill reprint £1.50

Early Termination Fees

What’s an Early Termination Fee (ETF) and how much will it cost?

When you sign up to a plan with us, you’re agreeing to a minimum contract period – for example, you might choose a 12-month plan. If you want to cancel your plan before your minimum contract ends, you’ll be charged a fee to cover the remaining time you have left.

This is called an Early Termination Fee, or an ETF.

We’ll add this to your final bill along with any outstanding charges on your account – for example, any final subscription payments you may have. If you have any credits or refunds on your account, we'll take these off your final bill too.

How is my Early Termination Fee (ETF) calculated?

  1. We add together all outstanding monthly charges for the remainder of your contract, taking into account any discounts you might receive​

  2. To get the final fee, we take off 2% for early receipt of payment (as we’ll receive it in one lump sum, instead of staggered over the remaining months on your contract). This doesn't apply to business customers.​


Your plan costs £45 a month, and you receive a £10 monthly discount. This means you pay £35 a month in total.​

You have 6 months left until your plan ends, and you want to leave.​

  • To work out your outstanding charges for these remaining 6 months, we multiply what you pay each month (£35) by 6 = £210 ​
  • Then we take 2% from that £210 to get your final ETF = £205.80​
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