5G is the latest generation of mobile network technology, providing faster, more stable downloads and more reliable streaming - even in busy places. You'll need a 5G phone and be in a 5G coverage area. Our 5G network, provided by Vodafone, is growing all the time and currently covers over 140 locations around the UK.

In areas without 5G right now, you can still use our 4G, 3G & 2G networks. Your 5G device will then automatically reconnect to the 5G network once you're back in a 5G area.

Say hello to Wi-Fi Calling

At the same time as our 5G rollout, we introduced Wi-Fi calling. With Wi-Fi Calling you can make and receive calls and texts in any location that has a Wi-Fi network, even if there's no regular phone signal. Whether you're in a café or a house in the middle of the countryside, you'll still be able to stay connected. You’ll need a compatible phone and it’s important to download the latest software version available from your manufacturer.

We've upgraded our 4G network

Alongside 5G and Wi-Fi calling, we also enhanced our 4G service.at allow you to make voice calls over the 4G network, often called Voice over LTE or VoLTE. When enabled, your phone will use 4G instead of the usual 2G/3G, which means you'll connect faster and enjoy crystal-clear voice and video quality. Remember, you’ll need a compatible phone and it’s important to download the latest software version available from your manufacturer.

3G network is retiring in 2023

You may have seen in the news that all UK networks have committed to closing their 3G networks. At Talkmobile we use Vodafone's network, so we'll be saying goodbye to 3G in 2023.

If you currently rely on 3G, we don't want you to lose your connection, so over the next year we'll help you with additional support, handy FAQs and a customer service team ready to answer any questions you may have. There's plenty of time to make the move over to 4G or 5G and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Why is 3G being retired?

Twenty years ago, 3G was ideal for the way we used phones and communicated. But since then, technology has continued to grow and improve.

By retiring 3G, networks can repurpose their 3G bandwidth, meaning that 4G and 5G networks will get a speed and capacity boost – so you'll be able to enjoy a better connection.


If your phone isn't compatible with 4G or Wi-Fi calling, you could consider upgrading your device from our wide range of options. If you aren’t sure what services your phone has access to, just give us a call free from your Talkmobile phone on 5888 or from another phone on 0333 304 8064 (charges may vary).

Will I be contacted about 3G closing?

We'll be reaching out to everyone impacted by the 3G closure through text and email during 2022. Don't worry though – we'll give you plenty of time to get a better connection and we'll be on-hand to help.

Will 2G be switched off too?

No. Vodafone, our network partner, will be meeting the government's ambition to turn off 2G service by 2033, but in the meantime, it is continuing to invest in its 2G network.

I'm a vulnerable customer – what support will be available for me?

If you’re registered as a vulnerable customer and need extra support, our team will be on hand to help – just contact us.

To find out more about how we can support vulnerable customers, visit our accessibility page.

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