All about our Boosters


Running out of data or minutes?

At Talkmobile we don't like unexpectedly high bills.
That's why we'll always notify you when you're close to using up your monthly allowances and stop your data usage when you've used up your allowance. 

Keep going with a Data or Voice Booster

A Booster gives you extra minutes or data once you've used up all of your monthly allowances. If you’re on one of the Talkmobile MyPlans (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large) or MySIMO you’ll be able to buy Data or Voice Boosters for a one-off payment. It works out cheaper and you can buy one any time you want!

Not sure what plan you're on? No problem - it's easy to check, simply login to My Account.

How to get a Booster?

When your allowance has run out we'll send you a text to remind you how to make a Booster purchase

If you don’t receive a text, you can simply login to My Account and use the “Boost My Allowance” option. The cost of the Booster will be added to your next bill.

What Booster options do I have?
Data Boost 1000 – 1GB £7.50
Data Boost 500 – 500MB £5.50
Data Boost 150 – 150MB £3.00
Voice Boost 1000 – 1000mins £12.00
Voice Boost 500 – 500mins £6.50
Voice Boost 200 – 200 mins £3.00


Can I buy more than one Booster at a time?

Yes, you can, but we don't recommend it, as Boosters last only for 7 days and they're fast and easy to buy once they've been used up. 

If I still have remaining Data or Minutes from a Booster when my monthly allowances refresh, will they roll over or will they be lost?

All Boosters last for 7 days. If your monthly allowance refreshes during this time, you'll start using the allowances included in your plan instead. If you use up all of you monthly allowance, you'll continue using your Data or Minutes Booster (as long as it hasn't expired). 

Are Boosters available when travelling abroad?

Yes, you can still purchase Boosters when travelling within our Europe Zones the same way as when you’re in the UK.